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Tom Sylvester Featured On The BiggerPockets Podcast

BiggerPockets Podcast

I’ve mentioned BiggerPockets in some of my past blogs: Getting Started in Real Estate with $100 We All Need BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing – My First Deal As you are probably aware, I am also a contributor to the BiggerPockets

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We All Need BiggerPockets


A few years back (six to be exact), I dreamed of being an overnight real estate success.  This was due in large part to late night infomercials and the latest series of television shows showing people flip houses and getting

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Rich Dad Poor Dad/Wealth Intelligence Academy Bootcamp Review


I got interested in real estate investing the same way many people do… hearing an ad on the radio for a FREE session to learn how to invest in real estate.  That was July 2007.  Here is my story. I

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