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Eviction Education: My Cost – $3403.99, Today’s Special – Free!


I just published a new blog at BiggerPockets on evictions.  Check it out. Eviction Education: My Cost – $3403.99, Today’s Special – Free! Do you need forms to run your real estate business? Check out our Landlord Pack below! Learn

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Warsaw Shops Uncork Fun


WARSAW — Everyone had their hands full Saturday as Warsaw’s first ever Wine in the Valley attracted a festive large crowd. The event gives established merchants a chance to show off their stores and services while introducing patrons to a

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Getting Started in Real Estate with $100


Someone asked me the following question the other day – “If you only had $100 and wanted to get started investing in real estate, what would you do?” It is an interesting question. Even though most of the gurus pitch that

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We All Need BiggerPockets


A few years back (six to be exact), I dreamed of being an overnight real estate success.  This was due in large part to late night infomercials and the latest series of television shows showing people flip houses and getting

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Book Review: The Power of Personal Accountability


I purchased this book several years ago, but for some reason never got around to reading it.  As I was taking inventory in my library the other day, I realized that I had not yet read it.  The Power of

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Focus on Business Education, Not Real Estate Education


“Anyone can buy a house, but only a select few can create and grow a business.” -Tom Sylvester If you are interested in real estate investing, this blog was written specifically for you.  I have seen far too many people

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Book Review: The Phoenix Project (IT/DevOps)


I have worked in software development for several years.  Early on, I realized the benefits of utilizing agile practices and have preached them ever since.  Along the way, I educated myself on lean and also determined that many of those

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Real Estate Investing – Do I Need An LLC?


As a real estate investor, I get this question a lot.  Most people who ask generally fall into one of the following situations: Recently attended a guru training and were told they needed to create an LLC for asset protection

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Why You Should Be Listening To Podcasts


pod·cast noun 1. a multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc. Do you subscribe and listen to podcasts?  If not, you should.  Here is why. I realized several years ago that

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