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Book Review: Lean Software Development – An Agile Toolkit


I first read Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit by Mary and Tom Poppendieck several years ago when I was introduced to lean.  While attending a leadership training, the practitioner had us perform an activity involving building paper airplanes.  She split the

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The One Number That Will Change Your Life


There are a lot of things in life that people need to know.  How much an hour of a person’s time is worth is one of the most important ones, but the vast majority of people could not answer this

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How We Cut the Cord (aka How We Got Rid of Cable TV)


“Cord Cutters”, as we have come to be known to the public, are simply people who no longer feel the need to pay for expensive cable or satellite video content and use cheaper and more user friendly alternatives.  Many are

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Book Review: Essential Skills for the Agile Developer


I am a big fan of NetObjectives training and their books.  Their website offers a plethora of resources surrounding lean, agile, kanban and plenty of technical topics to support these frameworks and methodologies. I was introduced to this book through

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How I Use Earned Value Management (EVM) to Track Agile Scrum Projects


Earned Value Management (EVM) is a technique that can be used on project to monitor the performance and progress of projects.  It is typically associated with traditional project management.  According to PMP Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide, Earned Value

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Why I Am an Atheist


Richard Dawkins has popularized the spectrum of theistic probability, which is a way to categorize one’s belief in the existence of a god.  Below, I show the various stages of my life and where I fell on the scale during each

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How to Quickly Evaluate a Real Estate Deal


Edit: There is an updated version of this article and spreadsheet over on our Serial Startups website. There is a common saying among real estate investors, “Review 100 deals, make offers on 10, purchase 1.” When I first began investing

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Why Books Are Better Than College


First off, I apologize to all of my college professors.  I have spent 7+ years taking college classes at 3 different colleges and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  In fact, I plan to take more classes in the

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