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IBM Innovate 2013 Presentation


Below is the PowerPoint from the presentation that myself, Randy Makoski from Paychex and Jason Smith from IBM presented at IBM Innovate 2013.  The topic of our presentation was why we chose to implement the Jazz Suite (Rational Team Concert

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Defect Density is Not Created Equal


Defect Density is defined as the number of defects for a specific time divided by the overall size of the component or project.   *Size is defined in either lines of code changed (LOCC) or function points (FP), depending on

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Waterfall, Agile & the “Triple Constraint”


Anyone who has ever worked on a project probably realizes there are three (really four, but people often forget about the fourth) criteria that project success is focused on: 1. Features (Requirements) 2. Estimates (Cost) 3. Schedule (Timeframe) 4. Quality

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How Do You View Failure?


 My sister graduated from college this past weekend.  On the night before her graduation, we had a discussion around her time at college and the future.  During the conversation, she said “but I don’t want to fail.” I have heard

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IBM Innovate 2013 Presentation – Case Study of Using Jazz ALM


I’m excited to announce that a co-worker and myself will be presenting at IBM Innovate 2013 in Orlando.  The conference runs from June 2nd – 6th and contains a ton of different sessions.  Our session is titled “Paychex Case Study:

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Simple Game to Demonstrate Agile Concepts: Test Small, Test Often (Jenga)


Description: The below game is a simple but powerful one that is used to show the benefit of tighter feedback loops that come from frameworks such as using agile. Thanks to Nanda Lankalapalli for introducing this game to me.  The original

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