Building a Home Gym Version 2.0

In part 1 (Building a Home Gym Version 1.0), I showed the initial home gym that I created.  This gym worked out well for a while, but over time I need to upgrade my equipment to support my workouts.  Below are some of the upgrades that I made in version 2.0.

Version 2.0

In the first version of my gym, my equipment was crammed into a storage room in our basement.  This made me claustrophobic and did not give me much space to do various workouts.  So I decided to relocate everything stored in the room and create a dedicated space for the gym.

The first step was to clear out the room and apply Drylok Masonry Waterproofer to the walls.



I then put down foam tiles over the concrete.



I then added an 80 lb Everlast Heavybag that I found on craigslist for $15.



These were some great improvements.  I now had a dedicated place to workout with some space for things like P90X, yoga, etc. The heavy bag was a great addition to add some cardio at the end of my strength training workouts.  But I was not satisfied.  Stay turned for Version 3.0!


Tom Sylvester is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and Lean/Agile Coach.  He has started multiple businesses and is passionate about helping others achieve their goals, both personally and professionally.  He lives in Rochester, NY with his wife and daughter.  Follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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