Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese?

Warning: Even though this book has a great message regarding change, please do not try to explain it to your friends.  They will look at you funny and probably lose faith in anything that you say in the future.  Instead, just let them borrow your copy and spend 30 minutes to read it for themselves.

who_moved_my_cheese Who Moved My Cheese? very basic book about change, and as I mentioned it won’t take very long to read.  It is a tale of 2 mice and 2 people.  They live in a maze and it tells the tale of them in their endless pursuit of cheese and how they each view their cheese, especially when it is “unexpectedly” moved.

  • Some sniff around for new cheese
  • Some scurry around for new cheese
  • Some hem about the cheese
  • Some will haw about the cheese

Many people today resist change.  This books hows in very basic terms 4 different perspectives regarding change.  For some, this book may be very simple and provide little value.  For others, this book can be life-changing.  To me, it was a very worthwhile read.  The concepts are simple but ones that we may forget in our busy lives.


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